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Over 110+ Years of Combined Expert Experience

Established in Newport Beach, CA for 35+ years, we've helped more than 10,000 customers sell their luxury assets at the best price. Our team consists of well-respected experts with more than 70 years of combined experience.

Highest Level of Integrity & Performance

We insist on doing the right thing for our clients. Unlike many other businesses who put their profits before their customers, Vasco evaluates your precious assets with the utmost professionalism and care. We offer you the Fair Market Price, not the dollar value we want to - hence the term TruValue™.

Fully Insured, Licensed & Bonded

Vasco is Licensed by the City of Newport Beach in Accordance with Sections 21300 and 21301 of The Financial Code of the State of California. Your valuables are covered by world-class insurance providers, up to $1,000,000.

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Outstanding 5-star Reviews

Vasco believes that professionalism and integrity never go out of style. We pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of conduct while creating a private and confidential experience for our clients.

Perfect 5-star Reviews

We're proud to not only deliver the most competitive pricing on luxury assets but also to provide valuable knowledge in a professional manner.

Guaranteed Safe and Secure

Along with our experience, you can trust that your items will be handled with care. In our secure and protected office, you can expect thorough and accurate valuations.


Vasco values your privacy and safety; therefore, we are appointment only and each appointment is conducted in our fully secure office.

Fully Secure Facility

Vasco’s office is monitored 24/7 by surveillance camera and other state of the art security measures to ensure the safety of you and your assets.

Highly Reputable Partners

Vasco works with global industry leaders in insurance and logistics, including FedEx, Malca-Amit and Brinks Global.

reputable insurance providers


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  • Vasco Assets

    Vasco Assets

    73 reviews
    Vasco Assets Location: 2024 Quail St Newport Beach, CA 92660 Phone: +19492595750
  • Margarita D.

    Margarita D.

    I was happy in selling my jewelry to Vasco Assets, they were very professional and helpful and I got a good price for my jewelry.   Yes, would recommend them .
  • Erin T.

    Erin T.

    I recently decided to sell my engagement ring.  This wasn't an easy decision, letting go of a beautiful piece of jewelry that meant so much to me.  Especially during COVID, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get a good price.  Ari was a pleasure to work with.  He made the process easy and gave me a great deal, thousands over what others had offered me.  He made a difficult situation easy and seamless, and I felt good when I walked away from the transaction.
  • Annamaria F.

    Annamaria F.

    Ari is truly the best. This review is being written a bit late, but I really felt like they were so professional and so kind. From the moment I reached out to them to when I actually went into their office. Ari was super kind, funny, and seemed to know what he was talking about. Just a great quality experience all around. Would recommend to anyone.
  • Charlie G.

    Charlie G.

    Was quick and easy to schedule and they didn't pester you either spamming the phone which I really appreciated. Was a quick appointment and I was given a fair price based on what I have previously had stuff valued for.
  • Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Ari was very knowledgable and honest. After researching several alternatives both local and online I realized his approach is truly unique and exceptional.
  • Michael D.

    Michael D.

    Very professional exchange encountered here.

    Thank you for being honest and expedient.
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