CoronaVirus Panic Sets In: How to Pay for Your Essentials

OC Jewelry Buyer is here to help you by providing you access to the cash you didn’t know you had! That’s right. If you’ve got gold earrings, engagement rings from your past, or luxury watches, we’ll buy them or even give you a loan!

We buy or loan against gold, jewelry, watches, and more!

Features and Benefits

Sell or Loan Your Gold

Gold is an asset that can easily be turned into cold hard cash. We at OC Jewelry Buyer offer a quick, painless, and fair valuation. We’ll help provide you with the maximum value for your old gold jewelry, gold coins, bars, engagement rings, and so much more!

Sell or Loan Your Jewelry and Diamonds

We’ve all got jewelry that’s collecting dust in the bottom of our jewelry boxes. Now is the time to brush it off and make it come in handy for you! OC Jewelry Buyer will take your tennis bracelets, earrings, and more and turn them into cash for necessities such as food, toiletries,and even medical treatment.

Sell or Loan Your Watches

OC Jewelry Buyer accepts more than just jewelry! Do you have a gold Rolex ticking away on your nightstand? Our seasoned professionals will gladly provide you with an accurate and justifiable valuation so you can quickly gain cash for what you need most! The entire process is fast, secure, and confidential!

Our Loan Process

We provide short term loans using your luxury assets as collateral. You can take a loan out for however long you need. We can promise you quick access to the cash you have stored in your luxury assets without the finality of selling.

Step 1

Free Online Valuation

Our team of experts is pleased to offer complimentary initial assessments of items in order to determine next steps.

Step 2

In depth evaluation

Meet with one of our luxury experts who will conduct a thorough physical inspection and evaluation.

Step 3

Get the best value for your assets

We pride ourselves on the quality of the information we provide about your asset and how value is determined in the marketplace. Our global reach enables us to identify markets which can offer higher returns, providing you with greater value. This results in the highest value to you for your assets.

Step 4

Get Funded

Once you agree with the value and loan terms, we mutually sign the loan agreement and your check is issued immediately. If you’re not happy with our proposal, your assets are returned to you safely and securely. It’s Fast, Easy, and No Obligation.