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Vasco is interested in gold jewelry, luxury watches, diamond rings, and unwanted heirlooms. We can help turn those pieces into financial freedom and flexibility.

Use your old jewelry in your closet to provide financial flexibility and security with an asset backed loan. The best part, you get your jewelry back!

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Features and Benefits

Vasco Financing Division Provides loans using your luxury assets as collateral.

Use your jewelry for the following:

  • Access to immediate capital – get funded on the spot!
  • Low monthly fees
  • Fully secured, insured, bonded
  • Easy Extension of loan term, if desired
  • No credit checks
  • Professional service catering to your time constraints


to maximize commodity value


for Real Estate transactions


designed for speed and convenience


short to long-term loans, as YOU need

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Our Loan Process


Free Online Valuation

Our team of experts is pleased to offer complimentary initial assessments of items in order to determine next steps.


In depth evaluation

Meet with one of our luxury experts who will conduct a thorough physical inspection and evaluation.


Get the best value for your assets

We pride ourselves on the quality of the information we provide about your asset and how value is determined in the marketplace. Our global reach enables us to identify markets which can offer higher returns, providing you with greater value. This results in the highest value to you for your assets.


Get Funded

Once you agree with the value and loan terms, we mutually sign the loan agreement and your check is issued immediately. If you’re not happy with our proposal, your assets are returned to you safely and securely. It’s Fast, Easy, and No Obligation.

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All our loans feature a fixed rate, which means the monthly payment will not increase for the life of the loan. The monthly fee, including the interest rate, insurance, storage, document fees and other charges, varies between 2% and 8% per month, depending on the asset and value of the loan. The bigger the loan, typically the lower the rate. Loan term is typically 4 months and can be extended nearly indefinitely, as long as the monthly fees are current.

We have a variety of collateralized lending programs, each tailored to your individual needs. Be sure to ask about which may be right for you!

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