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Knowing When to Sell My Wedding Ring

Emma Johnson is a noted blogger and best-selling author who writes extensively about money. She also went through a divorce, which she wrote about on her Wealthy Single Mommy blog.

Like so many divorced women, she couldn’t decide what to do with her engagement ring once her divorce was finalized. Eventually, she came to the same conclusion as many of these same women in her situation – Emma decided to sell her engagement ring.

While she looked at various sources, both online and offline, to sell her wedding ring, if she’d only done a little more research, she’d have realized as hundreds of others have that OC Jewelry Buyer by Vasco Assets is the best choice for selling your luxury jewelry.

Deciding to Part with Your Wedding Ring

To get to this decision, many people need time to process their divorce. The decision to sell your wedding ring will not come easily. Wedding rings represent the union between two people who were at one time deeply in love – symbols of that love, vows taken and promises made.

For sentimental reasons, you may have put your engagement ring in a jewelry box, unable to part with it. Or maybe it’s the subject of a legal dispute, and you can’t dispose of it right away – only to forget about it once the divorce is final, and it collects dust in a bedroom drawer.

This was the case when Jordana Horn discovered her wedding ring from a previous marriage sitting in a desk drawer.

What to Do with Your Wedding Ring After a Divorce

There are no hard-and-fast rules for how to dispose of a wedding ring post-divorce. One has several options once the hurt dies down and you are thinking clearly:

  • Return it to the ex:

If the divorce was amicable or the engagement ring is a family heirloom, it’s considered common courtesy to return it (or at least ask if they’d like the ring back).

  • Wear the ring on your right hand:

If you love your ring and can handle the memories it represents, keep wearing it. Because wedding rings are worn on the left hand, switch it to your right hand or on a different finger.

  • Gift the ring to your children:

Mothers often pass down fine jewelry to a daughter or granddaughter, who might find a symbol of her parents’ or grandparents’ former love for one another a touching memento.

OC Jewelry Buyer: Time to Sell My Diamond Ring

However, deciding to sell your engagement ring after a divorce has a lot of benefits – and not just the money you’ll make. :

  • Unresolved Feelings: 
    To sell your wedding ring symbolizes a final severing of all ties to your ex, making for a fresh start for you free of anything that reminds you of a past broken relationship.
  • Financial Need: 
    There is no denying, though, that divorce is a costly process. Selling your wedding ring can relieve some of the financial stress, making it a practical step.
  • Well-Deserved Me Time: 
    Or, maybe you just want to move on and build new memories. Travel to an exotic locale. Buy some new clothes. Indulge on a new car. The money you make from selling your diamond ring can help you take some “me time.”

The first step after making the decision to sell your wedding ring is to find the right buyer. Fortunately, that most important step is also the easiest one – OC Jewelry Buyer just makes the most sense.

Why OC Jewelry Buyer Is Best Choice to Sell My Wedding Ring

Working with OC Jewelry Buyer means entrusting your sale to recognized expert leaders in the industry who have been in business for more than three decades in Southern California.

Founder Benny Mor has more than 35 years of expertise evaluating and assessing diamonds, making him extremely accurate in determining  the right price for your jewelry.

His staff of fully licensed, insured and bonded buyers work to get you the highest value on your assets. Either in person at their Newport Beach offices or online using their hassle-free, no-obligation valuation form, you will find the process of selling your engagement ring with OC Jewelry Buyer to be quick and easy.

Trust OC Jewelry Buyer When Selling My Engagement Ring

There are many buyers on the internet who haven’t established the reputable presence that OC Jewelry Buyer has spent 34+ years building. All too many dealers require you to pay outlandish shipping costs to send your wedding ring to them. Add on the cost for insurance, and it may not make your sale worthwhile.

With OC Jewelry Buyer by Vasco Assets, you can sell your diamond ring with confidence, even if you live far away from their Newport Beach, Calif., location.  They utilize global shipping leaders FedEx, Brinks Global and Malca-Amit, as well as the U.S. Postal Service, to ship your ring, fully insured for up to $1 million through Lloyd’s and Partners of London, England,at no cost to you. Your package will be opened and evaluated under video surveillance to ensure transparency and security.

They offer professional expert online consultations, and the evaluation and attention your cherished ring receives is the same as if you were standing in front of them in Newport Beach. Your personal luxury expert will proffer an offer to you. Once you accept, you’ll receive payment promptly.  Should you choose not to accept the offer, your ring will be returned to you at no additional cost to you.

Orange County Jewelry Buyer makes the process of selling your engagement ring simple and pain-free. We have more than three decades of experience buying and selling heirloom rings. Please reach out to us with any questions or to get a free no-obligation valuation. Call 949-216-8856 

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