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Five Ways to Pay for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The seasons are changing and the feasts with family and friends are around the corner. It’s the occasion for pumpkin-flavored goodies, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and gift-giving galore. While these days may seem magical for many, for some, the question is, “how can I pay for the holidays”? Below, we’ve compiled five smart and easy tips to help you.

Sell Your Gold

If you have gold jewelry laying around that you are not wearing, now is the time to put that gold to work for you. The best part is that selling your gold gets you money in your pocket the same day, avoids putting gifts and more on your credit cards and puts things that are lying around to work. The best part about selling your gold is that the process is quick and painless.  

First, you’ll schedule your appointment for the date and time that works best for you. Once you bring in your gold, it will be thoroughly tested and evaluated in a matter of minutes. This means that in the time it takes you to return to your jewelry buyer from tasting the latest holiday pastries at your favorite coffee shop, a quote will be available for you! If you choose to accept the offer, a check made out to you on the same day. You’ll have the funds you need for plenty of gifts and treats for your loved ones without breaking a sweat.

Sell Your Diamonds

Not only will selling your gold go a long way, diamonds are also luxury assets that can help you out in a pinch. Though the diamond industry has seen its share of ups and downs, they are sure to pay off for you in the end. Are you holding on to the memory of a romance that has long faded? Perhaps, you still have the engagement ring you were once given and things didn’t quite go according to plan. Well, now you can earn extra cash from that diamond ring.

The more knowledge you have about your diamond, the more you stand to gain financially. When it comes to selling your diamond, you’ll need to know what type of diamond you’re working with in order to achieve the best results. For instance, finding out the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (the 4cs) will help you to ascertain whether your diamond buyer is giving you the best deal in town. Having the GIA certificate for your diamond will also add to its value. A GIA certificate is one of the highest standards of diamond reporting that is followed by diamond buyers worldwide.

Sell Your Watch

Jewelry isn’t the only way in which you can earn the finances you need for the holiday season. Your ticket to financial help could be ticking right on your nightstand. That’s right! If you’ve got a high-end watch such as a Rolex, you’re in luck. Depending on your watches condition, this watch could offer you a significant return on your investment. A first-rate watch buyer will thoroughly asses your Rolex and provide you with a fair and accurate quote.

Is the thought of parting with your watch making you a little uneasy? A team such as Vasco Assets would be glad to assist you in taking out a collateral loan against your asset instead. This way, you’ll still own your asset as you earn the money you need for the holidays. In addition to that, if you pay it off sooner than later, you’ll face no penalty.

Loan Against Your Luxury Asset

Selling your precious heirlooms isn’t the only way to earn extra income for the holidays. Instead, you have the option of taking out a collateral loan against your designer watch, jewelry, luxury car, and more. A collateral loan is a type of loan that allows you to borrow money against your possessions and make payments until you can pay off your loan. This way, you can hold on to the assets that mean the most to you while still earning cash for those all-important holiday needs. With a loan against your luxury assets, you can stress less.

Loan Against Your Luxury Car

We understand how special your luxury car is and we wouldn’t dream of suggesting you place it for sale. However, there is an alternative. Your luxury car that you keep protected can help you earn big money for the holidays. While everyone admires a Rolls-Royce or a Tesla, the facts remain that there probably not seeing as much drive time as your SUV or Honda. So when times are tough and you could use some cash for the holidays look to that luxury classic you’ve got in your driveway. A team such as Vasco Assets can provide you with an amazing collateral loan program so that you can get the money you need without losing one of your most prized possessions.


If you find that you could use a little extra income for the holidays, don’t fret because Vaco Assets has options available to you. Whether you’d like to part with your luxury items or opt for a collateral loan, we are here to help. With these five options, you and your loved ones are sure to have a wonderful holiday season. We’d love to help make this time of year a special one for you and yours.

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Vasco Assets Inc. is a privately held international investment firm located in Newport Beach, California. Vasco Assets has over 35 years of industry expertise from investing, lending, buying and selling of luxury items to collaborating with charities in developing custom offerings and much more. At Vasco Assets, we create and cultivate long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients.

Vasco Assets’ diversification in the global economy helps maintain our position as an independent international institution that is not subject to the fluctuations in the market conditions. In recent years, we’ve been making significant investments in our patent-pending technological platform and applying them to lending, investments, and fostering our client relationships.

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